BMX Ireland National Race Series 2018

Posted on: March 26th, 2018
2018 BMX Ireland National Series Poster The 2018 Irish National BMX Series is pre-register / pre-pay ONLY. Riders who do not pre-register will not be racing (except under exceptional circumstances). Refunds will be only be given for valid reasons of non-attendance. The 2018 Irish BMX Series will be run over 10 rounds with each rider’s best 7 results counting towards their final ranking. In the event of any ties the Round 10 Result will be the decider.     The Dates and Venues are as follows:   Round 1: 8th April 2018 – Lucan BMX, St. Catherine’s Park, Co. Dublin Round 2: 12th May 2018 – Lisburn BMX, Co. Antrim Round 3: 13th May 2018 – Lisburn BMX, Co. Antrim Round 4: 24th June 2018 - Courtown BMX, Co. Wexford Round 5: 28th July 2018 – Cork BMX, Co Cork. Round 6: 29th July 2018 – Cork BMX, Co Cork. Round 7: 18th August 2018 – Ratoath BMX, Co. Meath Round 8: 19th August 2018 – Ratoath BMX, Co. Meath Round 9: 15th September 2018 – Lucan BMX, St. Catherine’s Park, Co. Dublin Round 10: 16th September 2018 – Lucan BMX, St. Catherine’s Park, Co. Dublin     The age groups for the 2018 National Series are:   Challenge Classes: 6 and under Male / Female  (note: all riders must be able to do an unassisted lap of the track, only holding rear wheel on the gate is acceptable in the class, no parental pushing will be tolerated.) 7 – 8 years Male 9 – 10 years Male 11 – 12 years Male 13 – 14 years Male 15 – 29 years Male Masters 30 – 39 years Masters 40+ years 7 – 10 years Female 11 – 14 years Female Ladies 15-29 years Female Ladies 30+ years Female Cruiser 30+ years Male Superclass - 15+     2018 National Series Entry Fee:   Under 15 Years Classes – €15 15+ Year Classes – €25 Superclass – €35       Age Group Guidelines:   The age a rider turns in 2018 is the age group they race i.e. if you are 12 now but turn 13 on or before the 31st December 2018 you race in the 13-14 year old category. Riders found to be deliberately gaining an advantage by riding down an age group will be disqualified and no points will be awarded.   While riders who are or have dominated their age group are encouraged to move up a group you cannot ride up to the Masters 30+ class, you must be a min. of 30 years of age in 2018 to race this group. Riders who are 30+ can decided to ride down. The 15-29 age group is the highest age group a rider can ride up into from either a younger or older age.   Riders can if they wish race more than one age group i.e. their own and another they qualify for. They must pay the entry fee for both. We cannot guarantee adequate recovery time between races and the decision is yours.   Female riders can opt to ride in the male category but a male cannot ride in the female category.   Age groups may be combined on the day of races if not enough entries are received to form a category (4 riders constitutes a category) but points will be awarded to riders based on their age category i.e. if the 7-8 year olds are combined with the 9-10 year olds group the rider from the younger group with the best result on the day will be awarded full points in the 7-8 category and so on. In order for the age class to qualify for the National Series Awards it must have sufficient numbers to run for >/= 50% of the National Series Events, in the event a class is not performing well it may be combined with nearest most suitable class during the year and the points re-done.   All riders of 15 years and above are eligible to enter Superclass (payback).   Riders in their 14th year can choose to race in Superclass with a Special Dispensation, please contact BMX Ireland for details.   Once a rider enters two Superclass events at National level they must remain in that class for the remainder of the current National season.   There will be a higher entry fee to race Superclass, 100% of which will be used for cash prizes on the day of the race. The prize money will vary depending on the number of entries per race and will be apportioned as follows: If the lower positions are not filled that % will go to 1st place.   1st | 25% 2nd | 20% 3rd | 15% 4th | 12% 5th | 10% 6th | 8% 7th | 6% 8th | 4%     Points System:   01   – 100pts 02  –    90pts 03  –    80pts 04  –    75pts 05  –    70pts 06  –    65pts 07  –    60pts 08  –    56pts 09  –    52pts 10  –    48pts 11  –    45pts 12  –    42pts 13  –    39pts 14  –    36pts 15  –    33pts 16  –    30pts 17  –    28pts 18  –    26pts 19  –    24pts 20  –    22pts 21  –    20pts 21st – 38th Place lose 1 point per position, 38th place to infinity get 3 points.       Race Numbers / Number Plates:   It is the rider’s responsibility to have the correct number displayed on a Front & Side facing number plate at each National event. The wrong number or lack of number plates (Front & side) will result in zero points. If your numbers are not visible you will not be scored. This year the Rules on number plate will be enforced. Backgrounds/ Digits are: Red/White for Cruisers, Blue/White for Females and Yellow/Black for Males. Side-plates must be used with white background Black digits. Digit sizes are 80-100mm for front plates and 60-80mm for side plates.   Your correct race number is the number you raced with during the 2016 or 2017 National  Series. If you do not currently have a race number you can request a National Race Number HERE. Numbers can also be issued at race registration on the day of each National.       Race Format:   The race format depends on the number of riders entered and the venue. For example, if there are less than 8 riders per group Moto racing will be used i.e. 4 or more moto’s will be run with points in each going towards your overall result on the day. Riders will be informed of how their class will be run at the start of each National.       Clips: In order to ride clipped in you must be at least in the Male 15-29 expert or Ladies 15-29 groups. This is in an effort to aid in development of the younger riders skill level which the use of clips at a young age can be detrimental too. We are happy to discuss this with individual riders / parents if they so wish.       Racing Licence:   You MUST have a valid Cycling Ireland or UCI affiliated Licence in order to race in the National Series. You can find details on Licences HERE.   Non Cycling Ireland Licence holders: 1. Overseas riders must have a current and valid licence from their respective Cycling Federation (UCI affiliated) along with an accompanying letter indicating their licence covers them for insurance to race in Ireland. e.g BC Licence Holder must have Silver membership as a minimum. They must also apply for a National Race number above. Day Licences are available to purchase for the National Series only (Day Licences are not available for the National Championships). The cost is; Under 15 years old – €5, Over 15 years old – €25.   Refunds: Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances, such as major injury. Not turning up due to bad weather or hurty knee does not qualify for a refund.   Protection:   The minimum level of protection required to race at National Level is;   – Full Face Helmet – Gloves – Long pants or shorts with knee and shin pads – Long sleeve top   There are no exceptions to this.       Disputes / Rules:   All disputes must be brought to the attention of a race official on the day of the race, it is too late to rectify issues once the race day has come to an end.   Riders who feel they have issue to complain about a race incident must raise it immediately after the race i.e. at the finish line. All decisions of Commissaires, Race Officials, Event Marshals, Finish Line Judges etc. are final. No interference from parents will be tolerated. Abuse of officials will not be tolerated.   Please read and understand the rules which can be found HERE.   The Cycling Ireland Code of Conduct must be adhered to.       Media:    Contact a BMX Ireland / Race Day Official for a pass to shoot photos / video in or around the track. kid with trophies   Comments are closed.

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