What Gear do I need?

Posted on: August 27th, 2012






BMX is a safe sport provided you are wearing the correct safety gear.  You don’t want to end your day with a simple fall, be smart use protection!


A Helmet and Gloves are NOT an option, you must wear them at all times. Other pads are optional but recommended.






A Full-face Helmet is essential on a BMX track. It is the most important piece of equipment you will own for the sport.  If you do not have one on you cannot ride the track!


Helmets come in all shapes and sizes and to suit budgets from €50 to €500, the more expensive helmets are not necessarily better than the budget ones but you should make sure that the helmet meets some of the basic standards (see below). A helmet may not meet all the standards but should be certified by some of them.


It is also very important that the helmet fits the rider correctly, we recommend trying them on before you purchase.


Some of the BMX / Mountain bike Helment Certification (they can be looked up on the web).

ASTM Certification Safety Standards – ASTM F1447, ASTM F2032, ASTM F1952

CPSC Certification Safety Standards

Snell Certification Safety Standards







Gloves come in all sorts of designs and colours from many different manufactures. They offer different levels of protection depending on the thickness and materials used. Try them on to find the balance of feel and protection you require, you will need them to race. Gloves cost anything from €10 – €50 euro.






Knee pads are not currently required IF you are wearing hard wearing long pants but we would still suggest you wear them under your long pants, landing on your knees does hurt! If you would prefer to wear shorts to race in you do need to wear Knee pads that in corporate Shin guards. Knee / Shin guards range in price from €15 all the way up to around €80. Good quality ones can be got for approx € 30. We would suggest pads with the plastic outer shell rather than just the material padding, they offer better protection when sliding on knees and will last longer.






Elbow pads are like Knee pads required if you want to race in a Tee Shirt but we would recommend that you wear them under your long sleeve top too.  Elbow pads are more or less in the same price range as Knee pads.



Other body protection is available but the above is suggested as a start. Although the cost of pads may at first seem expensive, it is a one off cost and a lot cheaper than an A & E visit or two.



Helmets and Pads are available from both bike and motocross stores but we would recommend you support the people who support BMX in Ireland such as;


The BikeStore, Kilkenny


The Boardroom, Greystones


Harry’s Bikes, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14


 Bike Works, Celbridge, Co. Kildare


 EuroCycles, Dublin


Stagg Cycles, Lucan, Co. Dublin




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