2015 National Team Competition Details

Posted on: January 31st, 2015



Team event is not running in 2015 due to non-registration by the cut off date



National Team Trophy Competition


Teams battle it out over the Series to become the National Team Champions.




The Rules / Details for the 2015 Team Competition are as follows:




The entry fee per team for the 2015 Team Competition is €50.00 / £38.00.


Trophy and medals for first place team at the end of the series.


Teams must be entered by e-mail to info@bmxireland.ie by the Team Manager on or before mid-night on the 5th April 2015. Any entries after that time will not be included for the 2015 Season.


The e-mailed entry must include the Managers name and contact details. The names, age group and plate number of the Team members and the Team Name.


The entry Fee must be paid on the morning of the first National in Lucan – 19th April 2015. Entry fees not paid before the first race on the 19th April will result in that team being excluded from the 2015 competition.




Teams are made up of a maximum of 6 riders but can have as few as 3 riders


Riders can only represent one team per season.


Teams that lose a single rider during the season can replace that rider with a new rider once notification is given. All replaced riders are permanent. NO TEMPORARY SUBSTITUTES ALLOWED. You cannot replace a rider purely based on bad results.


Should a Team wish to replace more than one rider mid season they must make a submission to BMX Ireland giving reasons. BMX Ireland will make a decision on individual cases. All decisions are final.




Teams must have a designated manager (who may or may not race).


Team Managers can only manage ONE (1) team per season.


Team Managers must have Garda and/or Access NI‎ certification. The vetting process must be applied for via the Cycling Ireland procedure. Contact Cycling Ireland for information.


Team Managers must hold a valid Cycling Ireland Licence.




Only the Team Manager can raise any team related issues with the race organisers / BMX Ireland.


Only Riders can raise issues in relation to a race incident or result and must be done directly after the race (at finish line).


Team Managers and Team riders must adhere to, and agree with, the Cycling Ireland Code of Conduct, and the BMX Ireland Rules at all BMX events.




The best 3 riders results from each team will count towards the Series points. Points are based on the combination of individual riders race results. No Team points can be gained in Novice categories.


A team can use a rider that is racing in more than one category as two riders i.e. points from both this riders results can be used but this team can only have a maximum of 5 individual riders.


Points from all 6 Nationals are counted towards the Team Competition.


Points will be based on the number of riders in the category, see below for example;


12 Riders in a Category:   1st = 12pts    /   2nd = 11pts    /    3rd = 10pts    /    4th = 9pts    /    5th = 8pts   etc.


8 Riders in a Category:   1st = 8pts    /    2nd = 7pts    /    3rd = 6pts    /    4th = 5pts    /    5th = 4pts   etc.



All enquires to info@bmxireland.ie






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