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Posted on: August 16th, 2012



The Extreme Channel are running the new BMX show Silent Revolution starting Monday the 20th August. There are 13 episodes (details below) in all … set your recorders! 


The show features the Identiti BMX Team as well as our own Elite rider Kelvin Batey and his Source Route 55 Team among others.








Silent Revolution Episode Synopsis.

We start then series at the Manchester Cycling Centre and the first round of the British National Championships.
We talk to Jeremy Hayes and speak to the British Olympic Development Team and various International riders from Belgium, The Netherlands and South Africa.

We also meet two of the teams that the series follows week to week as the teams build up for the World Championships at the NIA in Birmingham.
The teams we meet are Identiti and Buildbase. Identiti are managed by Dave Franciosy and we meet the riders Jake Power, Peter Power, Martin Ogden, Joey Gough, Jordan Lunn and Michael Cummins.
The Buildbase team are managed by Jason Shakells and we meet Chris Day, Mia Wallace and Lucy May Jones.


This episode is the start of a road trip to France with the Identiti BMX race team including Martin Ogden, Jordan Lunn Jake Power and Michael Cummins. Dave Franciosy drives the van to France as we follow the team through the ups and downs of travelling to a major competition abroad.
(Continues next ep.)


We finish the Identiti road trip to France and get the thoughts from Dave Franciosy and the team on their time abroad. Jordan Lunn reflects on the trip with positivity despite breaking his wrist after a heavy fall early on in the competition.


We travel to Leamington Spa and the first round of the 4 Cross Championship. We talk to top International rider Tomas Slavik and Britains own Scott Beaumont about the competition and the sport in general. We also catch up with Jordan Lunn from Identiti who is riding a mountain bike for the first time since breaking his wrist in France.


This episode takes a trip to the Redditch Premiers BMX track, the first official BMX track to be opened in Britain at the end of the 70s. We talk to Steve Rooke and Ben Thombs about their involvement with the club and how they have re-established the facility. We also catch up with team Identiti as they train in Birmingham ahead of the World Championships and we see Jordan Lunn getting back to fitness on the BMX.
We also talk exclusively to Kelvin Batey, coach and manager of Team Route 55, who are making a big show in this years British National team competition.


This episode sees a return for the Buildbase team. Several members have left the squad and we catch up with team manager Jason Shakells as the squad train at the Redditch track. We are introduced to the new member of the Buildbase team, Kieron McAvoy who only six months prior suffered a near career ending injury and is now battling his way back to fitness in time for the World Championships.
We follow Kieron through his day as he goes to the gym and trains at the Shanaze Reade track.


We travel back to Redditch for the last regional competition before the World Championships. We Talk to some of the top riders who are using the event as a last minute shakedown before the big competition at the NIA. Adam Brazil, Raul Dominguez, Ben Martinez and Scott Roberts all give their thoughts on the upcoming competition and we meet some of the more colourful characters that inhabit the world of BMX.


Its road trip time again as this episode sees Team Identiti travel to Winterburg in Germany for the IXS Dirtmasters. This time the team consists of Adam Williams, Chris Smith, Matt Jones and Danny Pace. We follow the team on the road as they cope with the long journey and the intense competition.


We finish the Identiti road trip to Germany and see the team relax in a number of off road pursuits. Team Manager Dave Franciosy gives his thoughts on the trip and is not completely happy…


We travel To Essex to meet Joey Gough from Identiti. The World Championships have been held and Joey is now the Womens No.1 in the Amateur rankings. This is a huge result for the team and we talk to Joey about the title and follow her through the day as she films a promotional video for the team and the upcoming National round at the Braintree track for the following week.
We also meet up with Julian Allen and find out about his rehabilitation from injury and his return to the sport.


We are at Braintree for the first British National meeting after the World Championships and we meet up with a few of the riders who now hold a world title. We also catch up with team Buildbase to see how they fared at the World Championships and we speak to Kieron McAvoy about his comeback to fitness and his achievement at holding his No.5 ranking in the world in the cruiser class.
We also speak with Tre White who is the newest member of team Identiti and a member of the Olympic Development Team.Plus we talk exclusively with Shanaze Reade about her training regime and her confidence as the Olympics approach.


We travel to Bridgnorth for the 4Cross Downhill National Championship. We catch up with some of the teams who cross over from the BMX into this side of the sport. Plus we get a one to one interview with Scott Beaumont.


We return to the indoor track at Manchester and catch up with Kelvin Batey and Route 55 as they get in some extra training before the last two rounds of the British National Championship. They are currently leading the team competition and are looking good to make the team title theirs. We also take a brief glimpse at the Olympic Development Team as they train ahead of the Olympics.
We also meet Keith Easom and talk to him about his brand new 22 inch wheel BMX in development, and we ask Kelvin Batey his thoughts on this highly controversial subject.



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